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Non-ionising radiation

Studies all over the world have shown that at every moment we are exposed to various kinds of electromagnetic radiation. Although an integral part of nature, our environment and our lives, electromagnetic radiation can, ironically, in certain circumstances, be harmful. It can be harmful to our psycho-intellectual and physical abilities, and may affect our well-being also, and potentially lead to wide range of illnesses.

There are two types of electromagnetic radiation: non-ionising and ionising. Ionising radiation – which includes X-rays, Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays – have been known to have a disastrous effect on the world. Non-ionizing radiation, on the other hand, cannot directly cause a change in the structure of cells and molecules, and so the risk of it being a cause of danger to our wellbeing is low.

There are several types of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. The most familiar ones include underground, technical and cosmic EM radiation. There is also organic, mental radiation (each and every thought, desire and sentiment that we have has a specific frequency range), as well as radiation of shapes, crystals, etc.

Cosmic High-Frequency Radiation

The history of cosmic radiation dates back to the beginning of Earth itself. It includes various forms of radiation (UV rays, Gamma rays, and X-rays, plus H and infrared radiation). The major sources of this type of radiation are black holes, supernovae, pulsars, and especially the sun.

Generally, cosmic radiation may cause harmful interaction with other types of radiation. The Earth’s surface cosmic forces and its gravitational and magnetic fields interact in certain places on the Earth surface to create what’s called “global grids”.

Among the most recognised type of global grid are Hartmann’s and Carry’s. The points of intersection within the grid, called nodes, are pathogenic, i.e. capable of having a negative impact on the physical and psycho-intellectual state of the human body.

Subterranean low-frequency radiation

Radiation of geological faults, underground water streams, mining, closed cavities and so on is called subterranean low-frequency radiation is. Like any other type of radiation, subterranean low-frequency radiation can also be harmful to the physical and psycho-intellectual state of the human body. This is because it is capable of disrupting the Earth’s natural frequency, which is necessary for the full functioning of our bodies.

More importantly, pathogenic occurs where subterranean radiation interacts with other forms of radiation, and exposure for a long time to this mixture can be damaging and lead to a wide range of serious issues. This form of radiation is normally found in its secondary form, where the metal barrier comes in contact with the primary ray. It is common knowledge that in modern apartments, a range of different metal devices exists with the metal reinforcement.

Technical electromagnetic radiation

Technical electromagnetic radiation is produced by man-made electronic and electrical devices. It is a high-frequency radiation with substantial electromagnetic effects and is usually characterised by the presence of an electric charge, which in turn causes electromagnetic waves.

Technical radiation is found from various sources including power plants, power distribution networks, transformer stations, radar transmitters, mobile phones, computer networks, television and radio signals, TV and radio sets, microwave ovens, electrical heaters and blankets, computers, as well as other home appliances.

The consequences and Effects on Humans Well-being

The consequences for and effects of technical radiation on humans cannot be underestimated. They range from a headache to stress, undefined fear, increased irritability, anxiety, pessimism, insomnia, apathy, fatigue, memory impairment, concentration problems, introversion, loss of overall vitality and more.

Such symptoms imply that there has already been a weakening of the immune system and that metabolic processes and basic cellular functions have been disordered. In simpler terms, there has been a discharge of biochemical balance in the body. If the condition perseveres, and the regenerative forces lack the sufficient means to cope with the consequences, this could lead to major health concerns, including susceptibility to allergies, diabetes, glandular dysfunction, disorders of the digestive tract and the respiratory system, cardiovascular problems, problems with the reproductive organs, dysfunction of the circulatory system, and malignant diseases.

Many have said that the range of symptoms caused or worsened by electromagnetic effect is but a small indication that its influence will fully begin to materialise in some years, when people are completely familiar with this area, and when a broader awareness is gained into the effects of extreme exposure to the “electrosmog” attribute, to a great extent, to human activity.

International Scientist Appeal to the UN about EMF

Global research into electromagnetic radiation’s impact on people and the environment – as well as standardisation – is being conducted by many institutions nationally and internationally. For example, the European Society for the Prevention of Skin Cancer (EUROSKIN), International Association for Radiation Protection (IRPA), Health Protection Agency (HPA), International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), World Health Organization (WHO), and International Commission for Occupational Safety and Health (ICOH).

Once their research is complete all can initiate certain legislative measures with the European Commission and related regulatory bodies. Measures need to be implemented in order to protect our wellbeing and the environment as possible. Arguably one of the most pressing needs is for the law on non-ionising radiation protection to be implemented by all the countries desiring to be members of the world community.

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