Orange Nose

Orange Nose, and his family, lived next to a cellphone antenna tower for 15 years. They were exposed to constant levels of RF EMR every day. Now struggling with his health Orange Nose tries to fight back and to make people more aware about the danger of RF EMR exposure.

The bellow text was copied with permission, from Orange Nose Facebook page:

“I am struggling with my health (my family have had problems too) due to the mobile phone mast about 210 metres away. I have had 15 years of the mast emissions directly into the room at the desk (without our knowledge at the time. EMR mast measurements now confirm that and so we now void the room. High levels, which they say is ‘within guidelines’) where I sat at for about the same time and which was also the room I slept in. ”

More info about Orange Nose and his fight is available on his Facebook page: