Bioprotector Certificates

Bioprotector® Testing & Certification

(1). Protocol Data Systems Inc, EMC Lab Vancouver BC, Canada. SCC ISO/17025 (CAN-P-4E) Accredited Laboratory No.612 FCC O.A.T.S. Registration Number 96437 Industry Canada O.A.T.S. Registration Number IC 3384 has examined Bioprotector’s® influence on electromagnetic emissions of Radio Frequencies and Microwave Frequencies in the “Emissions Comparison Testing of a mobile phone, cordless phone, microwave oven and wireless computer”.

(2). Institute for Prevention, Protection on the Workplace, Fire Protection and Development has examined Bioprotector’s® influence on electromagnetic emissions of low and mid frequencies. By using Bioprotector®, the emissions were reduced and their sample values are indicated in the table. In addition EMR remained low even shortly after removal of the Bioprotector®

(3). Bion Institute for Bioelektromagnetics and New Biology from Ljubljana awarded Bioprotector with Certificate of Protection from undesirable effects of nonionising radiations. The certificate was awarded based on the following tests performed: Electrophotography, The biological sensor system, Emadel method for measuring changes in the human biofield and Tests on volunteers.

(4). Hippocampus – BRT Ltd. from Budapest awarded Bioprotector® with certification based on research in their Research and Repairing Department and result of the analysis showed that Bioprotector is effective in reduction of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation.

(5). Specialised Centre for Alternative Medicine Tedeas from Slovakia, conducted a scanning of the human biofield, and came to the conclusion that the presence of the Bioprotector increases its intensity.

(6). Minat World Ltd company in Budapest, Hungary (department of traditional Chinese medicine) made measurement of activity on human biofield (energy tracks – meridians, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) on the device AcuGraph4. The measurement results showed that within 30 minutes after applying, the energy level of meridians was substantially harmonised. This means that the positive effect of Bioprotector® on health was confirmed.

(7). Positive effect of Bioprotector® on human organism was also confirmed by a specialist centre in Serbia, using the device Inter Diakor. It was proved that the human biofield was completely changed after applying Bioprotector®. Physiological processes of organs and tissues of the body increased already after 10 minutes. Negative effect of electromagnetic radiation on human body decreased significantly. Harmful radiation negatively affects the immune system and metabolism on the physical level, and on the psychic level, it increases depression and aggression, and sensitivity to stress. According to these measurements, Bioprotector has a harmonising effect on human health and has no negative side effects.

Bioprotector Certificates

Bioprotector products have received certificates of quality from various Institutes and organizations, proving their efficiency.

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Hippocampus BRT

from Hungary, awarded the Bioprotector a certificate based on the research conducted in their research center and approved the product’s efficiency.

The Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology Bion

from Slovenia, awarded the Bioprotector a certificate confirming its protective effects against harmful non-ionizing radiation.

The Institute for Prevention, Occupational Safety, Fire Protection and Development

from Serbia, conducted a research on the effect of the Bioprotector on low and medium electromagnetic radiation frequencies. Using Bioprotector, emissions were reduced to the values given in the table.

Protocol Data Systems

from Canada, conducted a detailed study called Emissions Comparison Report using the Bioprotector, and the results they reached prove that the Bioprotector significantly reduces the effects of electromagnetic radiation.