Be protected from the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Lifetime Protection from potentially harmful EMR | Regeneration and Vitality | Unlimited life span
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Be protected from the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Lifetime Protection from Harmful EMR | Regeneration and Vitality | Unlimited life span
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“Health is not valued till sickness comes.”
(Thomas Fuller)

Why is EMF Protection Important

In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) named mobile phone radiation* as a possible carcinogenic, alerting the globe to the potential health risks posed by electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Electric and magnetic fields occur in all living things and found naturally in our environment, as well as around everyday electronic devices, such as televisions, microwave ovens, and computers. Electric fields are created by differences in voltage while magnetic fields are created by the flow of electric currents.

What is clear is that some types of radiation can adversely influence the biology of our cells, modifying their behaviour. Radiation known as thermal radiation has the ability to heat up our cells, for example. And external signals from electronic devices can interrupt or confuse living tissue. Children are especially at risk because of the nature of their physical development.**

That is why it is important to educate ourselves about electronic device emissions with up-to-date information and make informed decisions on how we use these devices that surround us in daily life.

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Radiation Facts

Every day we are exposed to various types of radiations which affect us on many levels. There are common natural sources of radiation, which can make an impact on our wellbeing, however, in our daily life more awareness must be introduced about the man-made electromagnetic radiations emitted by modern electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, Tv sets and Wifi.

Here are the four types of radiation (EMR or EMF):

  • Non-Ionising Radiation
    This type of radiation can not directly cause a change in the structure of cells and molecules, so the risk of it being a cause of danger to our wellbeing is low.
  • Cosmic High-Frequency Radiation
    The sources of this type of EMR are black holes, supernovae, pulsars, and especially the sun. Generally, cosmic radiation may cause potentially harmful interaction with other types of radiation.
  • Subterranean Low-Frequency Radiation
    Like any other type of radiation, subterranean low-frequency radiation can also be potentially harmful to the physical and psycho-intellectual state of the human body.
  • Technical Electromagnetic Radiation
    Man-made radiation emitted from power plants, transformer stations, mobile phones, computer networks, Tv and radio signals. The EMR emittance can trigger a headache, stress, undefined fear, increased irritability, anxiety, pessimism, insomnia, apathy.

Progressive scientists in the field urge us to protect ourselves from the radiation, especially the man-made technical radiation. More and more people worldwide become aware of the fact that the EMR can disturb their wellbeing and they are in search for shielding devices to protect themselves.

On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogenic, putting mobiles in the same risk category as lead, the pesticide DDT, engine exhaust, and chloroform.
This research is based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use.
The agency categorised mobile phone radio frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) as Category 2B – POSSIBLE CARCINOGENIC TO HUMANS.

Some of the Bioprotector’s effects and its use:

  • Harmonises the environment in which we live, protects against potentially harmful effects of non ionising radiation
  • Enables the flow of bioenergy (living energy) through the whole body
  • Has a positive and harmonising influence on our wellbeing without harmful side effects
  • Does not adversely affect the functioning of any electrical or electronic device
  • Does not need batteries or an electric source, lasts a lifetime
  • Reduces the effects of radiation from mobile phones, computers and other wireless equipment

Take Care Soon, So It's not Too Late...

Electromagnetic radiation is all around us, and excessive exposure to it can have potentially harmful effects on our physical and mental abilities.

Bioprotector is an attractive specially shaped disc made from a combination of metals that has been tested to be beneficial to human body.

It effectively provides protection against pathogenic emissions balancing the deformed electromagnetic field and harmonising the bio field of the human body.

Bioprotector comes in three different sizes to suit the need and/or space you need protecting. Simply place the Bioprotector close to you, carry it along with you, or stick it on your mobile phone, to receive protection against EMF and pathogenic emissions.

Be Protected Against Radiation - Feel Safe and Great Again...

With Our Special Product Range Designed to Protect You and Everyone You Care About...
Regeneration & Vitality
Unlimited life span
No side effects
100% safe to use

Home & Office Bioprotector®

Protects within an area of at least 7 metres diameter

The Home and Office Bioprotector is designed to offer electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) protection in a larger area.

The original case size is 14 x 14 x 2 cm.

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Home Bioprotector provides protection from excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation within the home or office.
Place it under the bed where you sleep, the sofa where you rest or watch TV, the desk where you work, in the car, or anywhere you spend longer periods of time.
Since it is portable, you can take it with you when you travel or go on your holiday.
If you exercise, meditate or do yoga, take the Home Bioprotector out of its box and place it under your mat without removing the protective case.
Home Bioprotector provides protection within a diameter of minimum 7 m / 23 ft.

Personal Bioprotector®

Protects within an area of at least 1.5 metres diameter

Personal Bioprotector is small and neat and is designed to be conveniently carried with you outside your home in your pocket, wallet or bag.

You should keep the Personal Bioprotector in its original packaging.

The size of Personal Bioprotector is 5.5 x 5.5 cm x 3 mm.

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Personal Bioprotector provides effective protection against all forms of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation, by balancing deformed electromagnetic fields and harmonising the bitfield of the human body and its environment.

The product has no harmful side effects and has an unlimited life span.
Carry it with you wherever you go, in your pocket, wallet or bag.
Do not remove it from its original packaging.

It provides protection within a diameter of minimum 1.5 m / 5 ft.

Device Mobile Bioprotector®

The mobile phone is the most widely used source of electromagnetic radiation. With the Bioprotector, the mobile phone will become a product that harmonises our biofield and prevents mobile phone radiation from deforming the magnetic field, especially when coupled with other electromagnetic waves. Our Bioprotector protects and harmonises directly the area around your head when using your mobile phones.

The Device Mobile Bioprotector is 2.5 cm in diameter and is 1 mm thick.

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There are no harmful side effects, it has an unlimited life span, and will not interfere with your phone’s function or drain the phone’s battery.

To use, remove it from its original packaging, peel off the sticker and attach to the upper back side of your device, with the indent facing downwards, by pressing firmly for 30 seconds.

Device Mobile Bioprotector is 2.5 cm in diameter. It protects 1.70 -2m in radius.

Protect Your Beloved Pet with Pet Pendant Bioprotector

Your pet deserves to be protected same as you do.
The Pet protector is specially designed for your dog or cat.

Paw Pendant Bioprotector®

Paw pendants come in many different colours. They are made from stainless materials with a chrome finish which makes them resistant to outside influences, and firm enough for those extra active pets who can be rough on their tags.

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So, if we have pets in our household, are they exposed to the same type of radiation?

Of course, they are, because electromagnetic radiation effects all living being, regardless of the species.
With this in mind, and feeling obligated to protect our dogs and cats, to look after their physical and mental health like we do of our own, we have created the PET Bioprotector with the emphasis on “Anti-stress harmonizer”.  Why is the accent placed on stress?

Where can the PET Bioprotector help?

If it affects the body’s adaptive mechanisms (blood pressure, respiration, nervous and muscular systems), the PET Bioprotector can effect the very root of stress, preventing stress through the bioenergetic effect which tends to re-establish a state of balance in the body – homeostasis.

The PET Bioprotector is an “anti- stress” therapy for pets.

– the occurrence of pathological behaviors
– the digestive and cardiovascular systems
– the development of infections
– various dermatological problems
– with epilepsy, due to the beneficial effects on the central nervous system
– external parasites (fleas and ticks)
– development of cancer due to electromagnetic radiation, specifically lymphoma, about which a study was performed in 1995 – Residential exposure to magnetic fields and risk of canine lymphoma – Am J Epidemiol; J S Reif; K S Lower; G K Ogilvie; Department of Environmental Health, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins 80523.

Each pet is different, an individual for itself, and the effect if the Bioprotector is individual – in some it will improve the mood, in others it will reduce the number of external parasites.

The PET Bioprotector can not harm your pet in any way, there are no negative side effects, but it certainly can help them, even a little, either mentally or physically.

Don’t we owe them at least that much?

Dunja Kovač, DVM, CCA
veterinary behaviorist

Pet Bioprotector®

PET Bioprotector is visually attractive and provides your pet with adequate protection from excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation. It is shaped like a pendant, with the Bioprotector built into the back.

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Did you know that the degree of sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is much higher in animals than in humans?

It is a generally accepted fact that various forms of electromagnetic radiation can be a significant cause of imbalances in the body that can disrupt health. Electromagnetic radiation may adversely affect the physical well-being, as well as the mood and liveliness of your pets.

Bearing these facts in mind, we constructed a new product whose primary objective is to protect pets from the adverse impact of various forms of electromagnetic radiation, so we built the Bioprotector into visually attractive medallions, whose dimensions, quality and stability correspond to their intended purpose.

Be Protected Everywhere You are with Bioprotector Bundle

With Bioprotector Bundle you not only protect yourself at home and on walk
but you also save money…

Bioprotector® Bundle

Protects you in your home and office, in the streets and when you use your mobile phone. You are protected in every situation.

Bioprotector Bundle Includes

  • Home and Office Bioprotector
  • Personal Bioprotector
  • Device Mobile Bioprotector

What People Say

Always the best to hear it from people

“I first became aware of Bioprotector on a visit to the Czech Republic, where I bought both a mobile phone and a Home bioprotector. I wear the personal bioprotector all the time , I actually tie the small bag to my bra strap as it’s so small, it’s invisible under my clothing . I use the Home bioprotector under my bed and when I’m using my laptop. I used to feel a strange sensation on my thighs when sitting on the sofa with my laptop on my knees, so I tried putting the bioprotector underneath and the sensation went away! I’ve now bought a mobile phone bioprotector after reading the evidence from tests showing its effectiveness. Why take risks with your health when a solution is available at the same price as a night out?”

Yoga Teacher London UK

“My name is Remi Cohen. I have worked as a nurse for the last 30 years. I have been using Bioprotector for the last few years. The reason for this was actually when I realised that not only am I surrounded in my home by laptop, microwave, router and mobile phone, but also at my work there is Wi-Fi everywhere. A lot of our machines are now all wi – fi connected: laptops, mobiles, everywhere you go there is a connection. And very recently I have been aware that in France there are special wards for children where they are installing wi fi protection. Well, that also gave me a push to think more seriously about EMR

Well, I had terrible sleep and was waking up exhausted. I was thinking I’m just simply getting old, but then I found out about Bioprotector products and realised that all my disturbances were probably caused by EMR.
First, I bought a Bioprotector for my mobile phone because I had constant pain after even just a few minutes of talking on it. I started to be very upset about it. After I began to use a mobile phone bioprotector, all my symptoms of pain and headache were gone. At home I put a big bioprotector under my bed and I feel so much better and my energy levels are as they should be I think. I just feel back to normal.
I highly recommend these products and most of all, I advise people to read more and educate themselves about EMR.
Thank you very much and wishing you much success in your work by bringing awareness to those in need”.

Remi Cohen

Nurse, London, UK

“The effects of the personal bio-protector are dramatic. Before I began carrying it with me, I could feel a tingling in my mouth and feet when I was near wireless routers. With the bio-proetctor, I am almost immune. Also, the phone protector makes an enormous difference. I have two on my iPhone and they enable me to use it normally”.
Nadine Schuurman

University Professor, Vancouver BC, Canada.

“As a business woman I am always using my cell phone. I used to worry about cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields. Every time I used my Iphone for a long period of time, I would feel heat on my ear, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and lost concentration, to the point of not being able to speak. I often wanted to throw my cell phone away. Since I started using the Bioprotector I have not had any of these problems. I am happy to be able to protect my health from cell phone radiation and worry less about cancer and other dangers of mobile phones”.
Goli Massah

Health Stores Owner, North Vancouver. BC.

“When I started using interior Bioprotector the wireless router radiation in my flat was reduced from 5 Tesla and more to an acceptable standard 0.4 Tesla. 
Measurements were made with a device by a German company Gigahertz Solutions, Elektrosmog 3D Messkoffer Profi MK 70-3D, (www The measurements were done by the company’s trained staff”.
Ing. Exler

Kosice, Slovakia 2011

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Are there any harmful side effects by using any of Bioprotectors®?

There are no harmful side effects and Bioprotector® does not interfere with the functioning of electrical or electronic devices.

Where is the use of Home & Office Bioprotector® recommended?
Bioprotector® should be used in the places we spend the most time, such as where we sleep, work, exercise, watch TV etc. Bioprotector® is fully portable and it is therefore recommended to take it with you to your workplace and on holiday – including camping trips.

It is advisable to use Bioprotector® during yoga exercises, meditation, all types of fitness practice, aerobics and Pilates because it harmonises mind and body through eliminating the negative effects of harmful radiation. Likewise, it is recommended to use Bioprotector in rehabilitation centres, spas, hospitals etc. Bioprotector® can be installed in the floors of houses and other buildings during construction, thereby ecologically protecting the space from pathogenic radiation.

Are humans the only ones that are benefiting from the Bioprotector®?
No, animals, plants and other forms of life will also benefit from EMF radiation protection.
Do bioprotectors have an expiry date?
Bioprotector® has no expiry date and needs no batteries – you buy it once and it lasts a lifetime.

Bioprotector products have an unlimited life span. Buy them once and they will last you a lifetime. It should be pointed out that even if there is some kind of damage to the packaging or the Bioprotector itself – patination, greasing or possibly getting wet – its protective properties are not reduced.

How to use Home & Office Bioprotector®
Home & office Bioprotector® is always best to use by putting it underneath the bed, or any place you spend most of your time. If exercising yoga, meditation, etc, Bioprotector® could be taken off from the box and slipped underneath your exercising mat. Home Bioprotector® is effective over a diameter of a minimum of seven metres, providing effective protection against harmful radiation and have a positive influence on our wellbeing.
What’s difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation?
Ordinarily we associate the word radiation with ionizing radiation with things such as nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, and radioactive substances. Ionizing radiation is able to detach electrons from atoms and molecules, which then become ionized.
This breaks chemical bonds in the body and causes genetic damage, mutation and cancer. Electromagnetic radiation, for example mobile phone radiation, is of the non-ionizing variety yet it still has significant negative effects on living tissues. This high frequency radiation is able to penetrate the body, and has sufficient energy for excitation and the movement of an electron to higher energy state.
What is the return policy?
Consumers may return the undamaged product in an undamaged case and protective wrapping within two weeks of purchase. The purchase price will be refunded less any shipping charges.

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